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Hundreds of cartoon vectors at $5 each. Entire collection for $25.

Holidays Galore.

Welcome to The Cartoon Express's vibrant Holidays section, where we bring your festive visions to life with a plethora of captivating vector cartoon illustrations and assets. Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Groundhog Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Fourth of July, Halloween, or any international holiday, we've got your creative needs covered. Our extensive collection of royalty-free content is designed to infuse joy and charm into your projects. Picture fully illustrated scenes bursting with colorful characters engaged in holiday revelry or opt for isolated characters on white backgrounds, perfect for versatile applications.
Immerse yourself in our holiday-themed illustrations that showcase an array of people and animals, ranging from realistic depictions to endearing anthropomorphic characters. Each illustration is meticulously crafted to evoke the spirit of the occasion, be it the coziness of Christmas, the warmth of Thanksgiving, or the playfulness of Halloween. Our characters don festive attire, interact with props, and inhabit engaging environments that transport viewers into a world of celebration.
Whether you're creating social media posts, greeting cards, animations, presentations, newsletters, or enhancing your website, our holiday-themed illustrations add a whimsical touch to your visual storytelling. Imagine adorable Easter bunnies, patriotic Fourth of July celebrations, or spooky Halloween scenes—all at your fingertips. The Cartoon Express ensures that our holiday collection not only meets but exceeds your expectations, providing you with the visual flair needed to make your projects stand out.
Say goodbye to generic holiday imagery and elevate your creative projects with our diverse and imaginative holiday illustrations. Download, customize, and spread the holiday cheer with The Cartoon Express's high-quality, royalty-free content that resonates with the essence of celebrations around the world.

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