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  • Can I buy individual images or do I have to buy the entire collection?
    You can do both. Individual images are $5 each, sets are $15, and the entire collection (500+ images) is just $50.
  • How do I open The Cartoon Express Master collection?
    The Cartoon Express Master collection is a compressed zipped file, so you will need to unzip (extract, open) it first. On the PC you can use WinZip, and on the Mac Stuffit Expander. Once the file is uncompressed (opened) you will see all the images, as EPS files (editable vector) and PNGs (transparent background raster files).
  • Are the images Mac & Windows (PC) compatible?
    Yes, The Cartoon Express' images are saved as cross-platform PNG and EPS files.
  • What resolution are the images (how sharp are they)?
    The Cartoon Express' jpeg files are all 300 dpi, which are ideal for print. All of the files are in standard letter-sized (8.5" x 11") format. Many of the PNG files have continuous tone, with gradations and shading, and are ideal for the web and dropping on any colored background. The EPS files are resolution independant vector files, meaning they can be resized (blown up) to any dimension without loss of quality. So they can be used for larger print jobs and can also be ideal for print.
  • How many cartoon images are there in the collection?
    Right now, there are over 500 high quality illustrations, and the library is ever expanding. If you buy the entire collection for just $50, you are entitled to receive additional updated images. Although other clip art collections may have thousands and even millions of images, many of them are of mediocre quality--not to mention overpriced.
  • What can I use content for?
    You may use the content for works that involve advertising, promotional design and many other listed purposes including designs that will be available for commercial resale depending on the license option you choose. All of the images on our site are Royalty-free.
  • How do I contact your company if my question isn’t answered here?
    The easiest and most efficient way to contact us is through email (, where we aim to reply back within 48 hours. We will soon be switching over to, so hold tight!


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