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Hundreds of cartoon vectors at $5 each. Entire collection for $25.

Animals Gone Wild.

Welcome to The Cartoon Express, your one-stop destination for vibrant and playful vector cartoon illustrations featuring a diverse array of animals. Our extensive collection offers a plethora of royalty-free content, ensuring you have the creative freedom to bring your projects to life. Dive into our Pets section, where charming illustrations of dogs, cats, mice, fish, and more await. Capture the essence of companionship and add a touch of whimsy to your designs with these delightful characters. If you're looking for a blast from the past, our dinosaur characters feature prehistoric creatures in a cartoonish style, perfect for educational materials or just adding a playful twist to your projects.
Explore our creatures, and discover a menagerie of fantastical beings, from mythical creatures to aliens, each meticulously crafted to add a touch of magic to your creations. Our Anthropomorphic Characters showcase animals with human-like qualities, providing a unique and entertaining perspective for your audience. If you’re looking for Holiday Themes & Settings involving animals, there are plenty of festive illustrations that bring the spirit of celebration to your designs.
For those with a taste for satire, we have plenty of animals centering around political concepts and subject matter, whether you’re a liberal Democrat or conservative Republican, or somewhere in between! Our Animals combine humor and social commentary, offering a lighthearted take on political scenarios with animals taking center stage. If you're after a good laugh, there are plenty of conceptual themes filled with humorous situations, ensuring your audience will be charmed and amused by your creations. Sports enthusiasts can explore our Sports Mascots, featuring lively and spirited characters ready to cheer on your team…and don’t forget we offer custom work here, too!
At The Cartoon Express, we take pride in delivering a wide range of high-quality vector cartoon illustrations and assets that cater to every creative need. Download your favorite illustrations today and let your animal imagination run wild!