And for my first blog...

for my first blog entry on The Cartoon Express, I felt compelled to post something near and dear to me, and that would be The Return of Gary Larson.

Well, sort of. :)

Although Gary Larson hung it up in 1995 after an illustrious 15 year run, he has recently begun creating some new material--albeit mostly digital--which I'd like to share.

His influence on my own material is unparalleled; he is one of the few cartoonists that inspired me to draw often times weird, irreverent cartoons and made me who I am today. It goes without saying that his cartoons truly are timeless. Although anyone over 35 will likely be familiar with his brilliant work, Millennials and Xennenials may not be.

This is why I felt a reintroduction of sorts was necessary.

Fresh from Larson's lab, here is a link to his new stuff ...


Last but not least, a shameless plug for my own cartoons, which as previously mentioned, were heavily influenced by Gary, namely, "Outside the Box"...

...and to a lesser degree, "Freedom Fries", a satirical compilation of cartoons parodying French and American culture. Available on Amazon!


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