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And for my first blog...

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

for my first blog entry on The Cartoon Express, I felt compelled to post something near and dear to me, and that would be The Return of Gary Larson.

Well, sort of. :)

Although Gary Larson hung it up in 1995 after an illustrious 15 year run, he has recently begun creating some new material--albeit mostly digital--which I'd like to share.

His influence on my own material is unparalleled; he is one of the few cartoonists that inspired me to draw often times weird, irreverent cartoons and made me who I am today. It goes without saying that his cartoons truly are timeless. Although anyone over 35 will likely be familiar with his brilliant work, Millennials and Xennenials may not be.

This is why I felt a reintroduction of sorts was necessary.

Fresh from Larson's lab, here is a link to his new stuff ...


Last but not least, a shameless plug for my own cartoons, which as previously mentioned, were heavily influenced by Gary, namely, "Outside the Box"...

cartoon illustration of a T-Rex drinking from a cup of tea

...and to a lesser degree, "Freedom Fries", a satirical compilation of cartoons parodying French and American culture. Available on Amazon!

cartoon illustration of an American guy and French guy smiling
Say Brie!

This above image, incidentally, is available for purchase (sans text) at The Cartoon Express.

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