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for my October 2020 blog entry, I decided to post some more personal cartoons that may help take the load off this very heavy year, that being the Year of Covid. Not too much to laugh about during this pandemic, but every little meme helps.

I've found creating COVID cartoons to be therapeutic.

This first one came in March, right when the shelter-in-place and lockdowns began. I already felt like 2020 needed a reset. A Control-Alt-Delete.

A couple months later, after numerous reports of people dropping like flies left and right, I felt compelled to repurpose an image of Popeye, and him him knocking out the virus. Nutrition is oh-so-important now--especially in the United States--where most of the food is loaded with sugar and is straight up toxic. I'm a big fan of spinach, so naturally this idea came to mind.

This entry below made the cover of the local funny times newspaper in September, Foolish Times. There have been many "Covid-19 playlists" out there, but none that had the Spotify logo morphed into a coronavirus spore.

As it doesn't look like this virus is going away anytime soon, I will be adding coronavirus cartoon elements to my site at The Cartoon Express.

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