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About The Cartoon Express

                 The Cartoon Express, originally launched in 2007 then revamped in 2010, is the brainchild of Andre Adams. After years of watching his collection of illustrations mount, Andre decided to consolidate them all and create an immense library of his work, available to anyone in need of quality cartoon art at ridiculously reasonable prices! Therefore, an e-commerce site made perfect sense.

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1974, Andre's talent for creating artwork became apparent very early on, as one of his crowning achievements included winning first place in the United States in a drawing contest for Cricket magazine, in 1981 (beating out many kids older than him). This event pretty much left no doubt for Andre as to what he wanted to be when he grew up. This passion transgressed throughout his childhood and early adult life, as Andre would often succumb to the temptations of doodling in class, missing out on practical matters, such as the quadratic equation.

In 1992 Andre headed west to California where he attended art school in Los Angeles & received his Bachelor's in 1996, with an emphasis in illustration. Following his school years he began freelancing for newspapers, magazines, greeting card companies, ad agencies, local art directors and companies worldwide, taking
on a wide range of projects, from 
children's picture books & gag
cartoons to caricatures & logos.
He would vary between
using traditional pen&ink
media to digital media
(Photoshop, Illustrator,
Flash, etc). An active
member of the artists'
community, he joined
the AIGA & National
Cartoonist's Society,
and he attends Comicon
in San Diego & various
animation festivals.

The Cartoon Express is by no means meant
to rival any of the giant micro-stock sites, such
as Shutterstock or IStock, as their sites have
millions of images, whereas The Cartoon Express
has over 1000. But here's the kicker: The Cartoon
Express offers only the finest quality images
- no cheap, kitschy clip art stuff - for a fraction
of the cost, and what artoon Express also offers is
the entire collection for just $30.
An incredible value you cannot find anywhere else!

Think about it. Over 1000 vector cartoon illustrations for just $30. All in the same consistent style. No gimmicks. You'd literally have to spend thousands of dollars (or Euros, whatever) to amass such a collection from other stock sites. Why? Because they don't offer an all-in-one master collection like we do!

If you are NOT satisfied with the collection, we will refund your purchase. Just that simple.

Secure Online Payments

By clicking the DOWNLOAD NOW button you will be redirected to CLICKBANK, where you can enter your credit card info and then download entire The Cartoon Express collection.

You will be charged $30, and the download time will vary depending on your internet connection speed. You will be downloading a zipped (compressed) file.

RETURN POLICY: CLICKBANK will, at its option, replace or repair any defective product within 60 days from the date of purchase. After 60 days all sales are final.

Questions: (831)917-0971 or

All videos are recorded by in high definition for Mac or PC.

Video sizes are 1000 x 750 (or higher).

Videos can be viewed by most media players, such as Quicktime, RealPlayer, etc. Videos also include source files (Illustrator, Flash) from start to finish.

For additional info, email